Pre-filled portal

Get your registrations handy and safely

The pre-filled portal allows the balancing act between fast processing by the participants and convenient pre-filling of the data by the organisers. Existing data can be deposited and, if necessary, also write-protected. The data is assigned by unique, encrypted links that are only known to the recipient and sender. This avoids the need to enter already available data twice and leads to a higher standardisation of the data, especially with regard to the different notations of a single organisation.

In addition, the generic link to the portal can still be shared publicly, which is advantageous for a mixed invitation circle of known and unknown people. If desired, access can also be restricted to known participants and even a time limit can be set. The data entered is stored securely on servers in Europe and only you have access to the export of the data.

You can choose between a step-by-step or a consecutive form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk and cannot be skipped. Email addresses or phone numbers are validated in the background so that you can work with uniform data in the export or transfer them directly to your CRM.

Simply try it out for yourself using the form below.

Unsplash ©Frederic Köberl


This form can only be accessed with a token. Kindly click on this link to fill in the form.

Please fill in the form below in order to complete your registration for the PROJECT NAME in CITY, COUNTRY, DD-DD MONTH 2023. Also note the following when completing the form:

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